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A lot has happened during the past year and Unitech Europe has released new great devices specially designed for the warehousing, transportation and logistic markets that are high in performance yet affordable! Challenged by the growing demands of e-commerce, shipping volume, order & delivery quantities and minimum delivery timeframes, many sectors are in need of tools to help them meet the requirements. Unitech products can help businesses stay ahead of this growth trend, with efficient and cost saving solutions.


Whether you are looking for a barcode scanner, mobile handheld computer or tablet, Unitech has you covered. Are you looking for a warehousing, transportation or logistic data capturing solution, but you are new to Unitech or new with our latest devices? Take advantage on this Let’s Talk warehousing and logistics solutions offer and SCHEDULE A MEETING with one of our sales representatives. In addition, as a token of appreciation to spend a TEAMS call to show you what we solution we have available, you can order one of our selected devices (fitting your solutions) to try at SPECIAL RESELLER pricing up to 60% DISCOUNT!

Request a call with one of Unitech’s or Bluestar’s sales experts in the Nordic region to talk about your warehousing, transport or logistics requirements to try!

And receive one of our selected devices below at SPECIAL RESELLER DISCOUNT!

HT730 handheld terminal

Nordic RESELLER promotion 60% DISCOUNT!

Enjoy one-handed operation while using the HT730, allowing multitasking in the busiest work environments. The HT730 handheld terminal delivers premium features at lower costs compared to the competition.


(HT730 with 38-keys, 2D imager (N6703), Android 10, 4GB DDR4 / 64GB, WiFi6, 4G/LTE, 6700mAH battery including bumper and hand strap). Not included USB cable and Power adapter.

WD200 wearable device

Nordic RESELLER promotion 60% DISCOUNT!

Workplace functions demand a reliable system for tracking inventory and optimizing task completion. The WD200 wearable mobile computer offers a handy way to collect data while freeing hands. Whether it is for scanning with an optional ring scanner or picking boxes for order fulfilment.


(WD200, Snapdragon 660 2.2GHz, 3.1”, Android 10, 3G / 32GB, WiFi, 2×2 MIMO, Bluetooth5.0 supporting BLE, GPS, 13MP camera, 2050mAH Polymer Li-ION battery, including USB 3.0 type-C cable (Support Quick Charge). Not included power adapter.

MS852B-LR Bluetooth Long Range scanner

Nordic RESELLER promotion 60% DISCOUNT!

The Unitech MS852B-LR is specially built for situations where there is a need for extended-range scanning for items stacked high-up on shelves or scanned from a distance. With its superior scanning performance with a range up to 21m away, or close range from 7.6cm (even on poor-quality codes) it is the ideal choice for warehousing facilities.


MS852B-LR, 2D Long Range imager, Bluetooth 4.2, including protective case, cradle, USB cable and 5 years

MS632 ring scanner

Nordic RESELLER promotion 60% DISCOUNT!

The MS632 wearable 2D ring scanner enables its operator to move products, packages and materials, and proceed with their barcode reading tasks more efficiently and comfortably. It is designed to meet the usage of a right- and a left-handed person.


SKU: MS632-1G
2D ring scanner, weight 65 gram, Bluetooth 4.0 with 1000mAH battery including USB cable and USB power adapter.

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Highly qualified Nordic specialists

Kristien De Geest

International Key Account Manager
Benelux, Nordics, Italy, South Africa

E: kristiendegeest@eu.ute.com
T: +32 471 41 66 56


BlueStar Norway

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E: sales.no@eu.bluestarinc.com
T: +47 22 83 84 00


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E: sales.dk@eu.bluestarinc.com
T: +45 8988 3663


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T: +358 (0)50 407 2151


2021 Unitech Nordic RESELLER Promotion | September 1st 2020 – October 31st 2021


Let's Talk Nordic Solutions. How It Works!

Nordic RESELLER Promotion.

1. Promotion Rules

It’s very easy – you simply make a request via the webform below and mention the point of interest you wish to discuss with us. Once requested, you will be contacted by email and will be sent a TEAMS meeting link on a date recommended by you. After your meeting and validated by a member of the Unitech or Bluestar staff, your DISCOUNT on the requested product will be processed at your order.

2. Terms and conditions

  • Offer is open to the Nordic region only.
  • Offer is open to all RESELLERS that are looking for a barcode scanner or mobile device for warehouse, transportation or logistic applications.
  • This promotion is valid from 1-9-2021 until 31-10-2021.
  • Reseller can pick one SKU only.
  • Discount applies to max. one device per reseller only.
  • The discount will be valid after the call with one of BlueStar or Unitech sales expert.
  • Discount will be applied at your order at BlueStar.
  • Discount % based on standard list price.
  • Unitech Europe reserves the right to refuse the discount or give an alternative suggestion.
  • Unitech Europe reserves the right to change or modify the product eligibility at anytime.
  • Unitech Europe reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.


If you are unsure or have questions please send an email to: marketing@eu.ute.com and mention Switcheroo Let’s Talk warehousing, transportation and logistics in the email subject and we will contact you to discuss.

3. Request your meeting

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