Unique PA760 features

Much more than a rugged smartphone, the PA760 is the PDA with punch from Unitech. This new enterprise level, omni-channel PDA combines Unitech’s trade mark ultra rugged exterior with their most powerful ever interior and rich and unique line of accessories.

  • Built on Android 9

    Applications run faster, downloads are speedier and web pages load quickly. The PA760 comes with an Octa-Core CPU (2GHz) with 4GB RAM / 64GB.

  • 5.45-inch display (500nits)

    Work tasks are completed simply with the PA760’s large screen and capacitive touch screen with great readability (500nits with direct bonding).

  • Superior data collection

    Read 1D/2D barcodes efficiently with its aggressive scan engine. The multiscan function allows you to read 10 barcodes a the same time.

  • 16MP full HD

    Snap photos for documentation in high definition with its high resolution 16MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera.

Model PA760-WALFRMBG: PA760 with bumper (1.8 drop specification), Android 9, 2D imager, 4G, 4000mAh battery.
  • Sheer Durability

    Falls, bumps, dirt, dust, water and liquids can’t stand up to the PA760’s powerhouse protection. Its pogo-pin design protects the PA760 from the wear and tear of frequent charging and docking.

  • Multiple Connectivity (MIMO)

    Get connected quickly and securely with PA760’s fast-roaming WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE and GPS offerings.

  • Advanced battery design

    Optimize workflows and minimize downtime by its hot-swap (MONO) battery design and dual charging (pogo-pin and USB-C Quick Charge).

  • Fast Charge

    With the PA760 you can gain 10 hours operation time within 3-hour charge time. In addition you will never have to run out of battery again if you carry an external mono battery pack with you.

The PA760 Just-Try-It sample is available via selected Unitech Partners

Find infinite inspiration & Gain more business! Just-Try-It.

Outstanding Flexibility

Choosing an application.

The PA760 is ideal for a variety of applications including inventory control in warehouse, inbound and outbound management in the retail industry, parking management and facilities inspection in field service, flight ticket checking and mobile POS system in transportations.

Scalability at its best.

This device is truly suitable for a wide variety of markets and applications whether it is inside or outside as this device is truly scalable.

Extend your workflow with powerful accessories, Unitech’s software solutions and compliant third-party apps.


Just-Try-It program. How It Works!

Program Rules

This program will launch on October 21st until December 20th. Distributors, resellers and end users are be able to apply for a Just-Ty-It sample of the PA760. Get in touch with us now as you can PRE-ORDER your sample unit NOW!

1. How can I request a test unit?

There are two way to request a PA760 and docking cradle for testing:

  1. If you are a reseller of mobility products you can contact one of Unitech recognised distributors directly or via the unit request form below.
  2. If you are an end-user, then please fill out the unit request form below.
    Thereafter, an assigned partner will contact you to confirm your details, and the request, before sending you a PA760 test unit via recorded delivery post.

2. Who will send the sample unit?

Unitech have teamed up with some key distributors/resellers across Europe:

  • BlueStar Europe (Pan European)
  • ScanSource Europe (Pan European)
  • Eutronix (Benelux / France)
  • Syntechnologies (United Kingdom)
  • ASICI Ident (Germany)
  • PSI Systems (Iberia)
  • Renovotec (UK)
  • Epic Mobile (Poland)
  • InfoKOD (Croatia)

Each distributor listed above have a limited amount of PA760’s and docking cradles to ship-out for you to test.

If they shipped all units out – don’t worry – you will enter a waiting list and you will be contacted on when you can expect a unit.

3. How long is my testing duration?

Once you have received the unit you have 2 weeks (10 working days) of testing.

Thereafter, you are requested to send the unit back to sender via recorded delivery.

4. Can I purchase a sample?

If you are a reseller:
Contact the distributor that provided you the unit and you will be offered a price for the PA760 and desktop cradle.

If you are an end-user:
Please make the request via the feedback form and you will be contacted by a partner to sell you the unit.

5. We appreciate your feedback

As global manufacturer we valued your feedback after trying/using our products.
Please leave us your feedback via our feedback form.

The PA760 Just-Try-It is available now!

This program is in cooperation with our selected partners.

Request your test unit now!

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